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Big City Job Interview part 2

Posted by Admin on March 4, 2015 at 12:05 AM

Well, never mind that. On that first day of job hunting, me and Bue, we started out downtown at some employment agency on Madison Avenue. The first thing they did was ask us what we thought we could do, then they called around and got us some appointments with companies that they thought we could do it to. The way it worked was, if we made any money we were supposed to split it with the employment agency. That seemed pretty reasonable to a couple of country boys who had no idea how to pick up a phone and make an appointment, especially since we didn’t have any telephone.

We lit out afoot, headed east. We decided that when we’d come to one of the addresses they’d given us we’d both go in. I’d go in with Buford and sit around while he had his interview, and he’d go in with me and sit while I had my interview. The thing is, my first appointment was all the way out on Poplar Avenue, almost to Highland. After we’d walked about five miles Buford had an appointment in another direction, so we went ahead and split up. Looking back, I think Buford just got tired of all the footwork and decided to take in a picture show or spend the rest of the afternoon at the zoo. Neither of us had been paying any attention to the big city buses that swooshed by, or to the signs that said “Bus Stop.” We just kept of hoofing along, minding our own business and allowing those bus drivers to do the same. After Bue dropped off I went on alone. I had an address on a little slip of paper, and I was checking street numbers as I went along. I had a ways to go.

I probably hadn’t walked more than 300 blocks, or maybe ten miles when I noticed the street numbers getting in range of the number I had on the paper. Then, there it was. 3329 Poplar. Simon & Gwynn Advertising, just like it said on the paper. Memphis was a lot bigger than the woods behind my house in five Points, but I had followed the trail to the place I was looking for just from the scribblings the agency lady had put down for me. I was right proud of myself. I took a deep breath, tucked the paper away in a pocket and coasted on in.

The swinging glass door swished shut behind me and the girl at the receptionists desk looked up. She looked again....

to be continued.......

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