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Posted by Admin on January 10, 2016 at 9:45 PM

Plenty of fine clothes, big fine home, big fine car…


Ellen was always going on about finding Frances a “feller.” She liked to read the movie star magazines and dream. She had given up on hitting the big time herself, but she dreamed of success for her daughter. Frances liked her mama’s ideas all right, too. A fancy big city feller with a big important job, or one of them rich Hollywood movie stars would be just about right. How they would meet and fall in love with Frances was always the weak part of their plan. The corner of Needmore and Garland Bottom roads was a long way from the corner of Hollywood and Vine. Also, though Frances was nice enough looking, she wasn’t exactly a look-alike for any of the movie queens of that day. But on certain important points Ellen and Frances would always agree: this “feller” had to be A: handsome, and B: rich, with a big, fine home and a big, fine car…and he would buy Frances plenty of fine clothes.

So they dreamed away, and it was fun listening to them. What difference did it make if Hollywood was two thousand miles away and all the rich and famous “fellers” already had more girls than they could handle on waiting lists? There was no need to confuse the issue with facts. A little harmless imagination mixed with a little naivety can make a dull, uneventful life seem awfully exciting.

After all, isn’t anything and everything possible in America?

Continued next week.......


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